About Us

About Us
Bank On Allegheny County works to connect everyone to safe and affordable financial products and services.
“My administration is dedicated to advancing equity in all aspects of City government, and building successful financial futures for our residents is a critical component of this work and my vision of creating a Pittsburgh for all. I value the partnership between this organization and my office to uplift more families, promote access to mainstream banking services, and create more secure financial futures for more households, especially households of color.”
Mayor of Pittsburgh Bill Peduto

Our Mission

Our members offer services and resources that help empower people and families to improve their financial capability, health and independence.

It is important that that everyone has access to resources that help lay a solid foundation for financial empowerment. Our coalition is particularly focused on equity for people of color, as well as assisting parents and children and those with disabilities to access financial services.

Our History

Since 2016, Neighborhood Allies has brought together partners from the private, public and nonprofit sectors to increase collaborative efforts through the Asset Building Network.

With assistance from Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund, the FDIC and the Mayor’s Office, Neighborhood Allies officially launched Bank On Allegheny County to connect consumers to safe and affordable banking products certified as meeting CFE Fund’s Bank On National Account Standards.

Bank On coalition members represent financial institutions, federal and local government agencies, and community-based organizations that provide services and resources such as financial counseling, credit building, savings programs, employment assistance, and other financial empowerment programming.

Members connect consumers to mainstream financial services and products that build income, credit, assets, and wealth. 

Starting in 2021, Bank On Allegheny County coalition members will meet regularly to identify points of collaboration, community engagement opportunities, share best practices and develop innovative ideas.

Members represent community-based organizations, financial institutions and local government agencies that provide services and resources such as financial and entrepreneurial education, credit counseling, savings programs, banking series, credit repair, employment assistance, youth engagement and other financial empowerment programming.

Through our Economic Opportunity initiatives, Neighborhood Allies provides the opportunity for individuals and families in and around Pittsburgh to increase their knowledge, hope, skills and assets. Our Financial Empowerment Center initiative with the City of Pittsburgh, Fund My Future with Propel Schools, and Bank On Allegheny County are the practical ways that we build that opportunity and show measurable outcomes in financial wellness.
Sarah Dieleman Perry, Director of Economic Opportunity, Neighborhood Allies

The National Bank On Movement

Bank On Allegheny County is proud to be part of the national Bank On movement, made up of dozens of similar local coalitions across the country.

The nonprofit Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund (CFE Fund) is the national partner for local Bank On coalitions, supporting local efforts through resources like the Bank On National Account Standards and accompanying certification, grant support to build local coalition capacity, and a robust learning community. The CFE Fund also works to give voice to local coalition experiences by informing both federal regulatory policy and financial institution practices.